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Welcome to eAbacus Communications
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Why Internet Marketing?

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Keeping a close eye on the latest advertising trends in the world and using the up-to-date technologies in combination with the virtually inexhaustible internet possibilities, we have decided to offer a range of services known to the world as Internet Marketing. 

eAbacus Communications represents a group of certified and recognized young enthusiasts who have several years of relevant experience in the field of internet technologies, journalism, graphic design and advertising.

On this so-called Internet Marketing adventure we have embarked bravely. We are aware of the hardships that are involved into implementing our ideas and positive experiences from all around the world but we are also resolved to see Macedonia and its respective companies on the map of a technologically evolved world, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the powerful and influential countries and corporations.

Bearing in mind that there are neither physical nor political restrictions in the global network, we have settled on each and every legal subject, no matter of the estimated advertising budget. Our purpose is to offer a solution with which you can promote your product or service to a huge auditorium suited to your needs. This is precisely the reason why we have come to a decision to choose the slogan: We know the way to visitors. Some might consider our catchphrase as being too ambitious but in view of the fact that there are over 1.4 billion internet users, visitors need not necessarily be a sci-fi term.

Another reason why we started thinking about Internet marketing is because many companies cannot afford the traditional way of advertising. Not wanting to get into the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional way of advertising, we have decided to offer a slightly different approach that not only will be financially accessible, but will also have positive long lasting results in case you decide to promote your services to a wider audience.

On this web page, you will find the services we offer. You will also be able to familiarize yourself with the services that until now were only available to corporations from highly developed countries. We are always at your service, to assure you with a series of presentations that YOUR web site can be the most visited one and that everyone can familiarize with your product and/or service.